What Is Light My Potty?

Potty training can be a nightmare for the family – filled with monsters, yuckies, and sleepless nights. We came up with a solution to brighten up your bathroom.

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Is Potty Training Turning Your Bathroom into a Nightmare?

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Shocking Bathroom Facts:

  • The bathroom is the most dangerous room in the house, not the kitchen.
  • Over 30,000 toilet-related injuries happen each year in America.
  • Monsters and creepy crawlies can lurk in the shadows at nighttime.

If you care about your child’s future, then Light My Potty is for you.

How Does Light My Potty Work?

A soft, calming blue light radiates from the bowl as you come into the bathroom. Light My Potty’s kid-friendly design helps make the bathroom a fun and inviting place for your child.

Our Target Technology aims a light into the toilet bowl, helping boys aim more accurately into the toilet bowl. This leads to a significant decrease in bathroom messes, and a surge in his confidence.

For the ladies in the family, forget worrying about sitting on toilet yuckies. You’ll be able to see whether the seat is up or down in the dark.

Potty Training That’s Fun for the Whole Family

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