Frequently Asked Questions

What age group is Light My Potty for?

Although Light My Potty is primarily targeted towards potty training for little ones, it can help every age group from children to adults to even seniors! Light My Potty’s specially designed in-toilet nightlight makes it safer for everyone to find the toilet in dark or dimly lit rooms, making midnight bathroom breaks easier and more accessible.

Does it attach to potty training / toddler toilets?

Yes! Light My Potty comes with a universal toilet attachment that fits with every adult sized and child sized toilet.

Do I have to be directly in front of the light for it to work?

Light My Potty’s motion sensor can detect movement from ## feet away.

What size batteries does Light My Potty need and how long will the battery last?

Light My Potty comes with a flat, round battery that is completely sealed in to maintain cleanliness. The battery lasts approximately 3-6 months depending on the frequency of use.

Can I change the colors of the light?

At this time, Light My Potty offers a faint blue color, which is proven to have a calming effect to soothe your toddler’s nerves.

What part of the potty should I attach it to?

You will need to hang and secure the universal toilet attachment to the bowl. Do so by simply lifting the toilet seat and placing the universal toilet attachment over the lip of the toilet bowl, making sure that it is straddling the lip of the toilet bowl. Replace the toilet seat once you have secured the universal toilet attachment in place.

How do I clean Light My Potty?

You can gently clean Light My Potty with a damp disposable paper towel. For health and sanitation best practices, we recommend replacing Light My Potty every 3-6 months or when the battery runs out.

What comes in the box?

You will receive one Light My Potty nightlight with Illuminated Target Technology, a universal toilet attachment, and two securing options: suction cups and double-sided tape. Batteries come included with the product.

Do you have a satisfaction guarantee?

Yes! We want to make sure every family and household is confident and happy with their purchase. Light My Potty offers a 30-day money back guarantee. To request a refund, please fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page.

What if I have a question not listed here?

If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact the Light My Potty team. We also love hearing feedback from real users. If you have any feedback or suggestions that will improve Light My Potty’s features or design, share them with us!

For additional questions or to leave feedback, connect with the Light My Potty team by filling out the form at the bottom of this page.