Real moms providing real solutions

Hi there! Our names are Erin Bulcao and Leanna Lyon. As San Diego moms and long-time friends, we often shared issues that we were facing as working moms, wives, and household managers, providing advice and product recommendations to one another in order to help remedy whatever was going on at that time.

At one point we realized there was a theme…

  • My kids are afraid of the dark and wake up screaming and begging to be escorted to the toilet each night. How am I ever going to get a full night’ sleep with this terrible habit?
  • I’m wasting money and energy leaving all these nightlights on all the time.
  • I keep falling into the toilet because my husband forgets to put the seat down late at night, or worse, sitting in his urine because he didn’t lift the seat!
  • I’m wasting money and time on these one-time-use, or flushable toilet targets for my son, and they don’t even work that well.
  • I’m proud that my kids are trying, but I’m so sick of having to clean up all these bathroom messes!